Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

Nightly Cleaning:

All buses are deep cleaned nightly inside and out. The areas that are cleaned and wiped down include but are not limited to:


Passenger overhead compartments

All hand and grab rails

Seats and headrests




Rear snack areas


Underbelly compartments

When completed with all the cleaning and wiping we use an electrostatic spraying technique that ensures 360 degree coverage with disinfectant. This is said to kill 99.9 % of germs, bacteria and viruses. We will be doing this nightly to ensure the safest environment possible for our passengers and employees.

Cleaning In Between Trips:

In between trips we will be spraying the key points in the buses down with disinfectant and wiping them down. These key points include:


Tray tables


Grab rails


Overhead bins


Driver compartment

Protocols for Passenger Safety

1.All passengers and staff must wear a mask or face covering upon entering the motor coach.

2.Gloves are optional but recommended by the CDC as a precaution to prevent contact with germs.

3.All passengers must keep their area clean. Any garbage (including face coverings and gloves) must be disposed in the appropriate waste basket in the front or rear of the motor coach.

4.Passengers must stay seated on the coach and practice safe distancing whenever possible.

5.Please be kind and respectful to all passengers upon entering the coach.

6.For the safety of our passengers and staff, we ask if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to not enter the motor coach.

7.To ensure the safety of our staff, we are asking if our passengers can assist with loading their own belongings into the luggage compartment whenever possible.

8.Passengers should regularly use hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizer units are installed as you get on the bus, on the back wall of the bus and in the bathroom for your use.

9.Utilize texting and do not talk on your cell phones please.

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