How do I change or cancel my reservation?

To change or cancel a reservation, click on the Reschedule/Cancel link on the top of the homepage or, if you are on a mobile device, click on the 3 bars on the top of your screen.

Follow the prompts to find your reservation and make the changes you want.

There is a $10 fee to cancel a reservation prior to the day of travel and $20 on the day of travel. If you are changing a reservation to another day/time there is only a fee if the new trip is a higher priced trip than your current one.

What are your fares?

Our fares vary based on demand and currently range from $34 to $60 based on how full a trip is or how far in the future the departure time is. Using our E-Wallet feature can save you up to 20%

What is your schedule?

The best way to see what trips are available is to use our online booking system for specific days.

Can I reserve a specific seat?

Yes! All reservations include reserving specific seats at no additional charge

Do you have a stop close to LGA or JFK?

We do not currently have a stop close to LGA or JFK

Can I pay on board?

No, all fares must be paid in advance via credit card

Where do you stop?

Please click on our “Bus Stops” page at the top of this screen

Do you allow pets?

All pets must be in an enclosed, DOT approved pet carrier and must be small enough to fit on your lap if the bus is full. Pets cannot be placed on an open seat. The charge for pets is $20.
Per ADA regulations, emotional support animals are NOT service animals. Only dogs that have been trained to perform a very specific task, such as assisting an individual that is vision impaired, are considered service animals.

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